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We provides All kinds of Audio Recording and Production services. Audio Recording, Dubbing, Sound Effects, Song Mixing and Mastering, Movie Pre and Su Mix For DTS etc. With Our well Equipped Studio and Experienced Sound Engineer we make sure that your need is full-filled.  


We are providing best quality recording for all your needs. Be it a Simple voice over or a film song we guarantees you the best quality.

we capture your voice with best audio equipments and soundproofed Booths. With10 years of experience in the industry our engineer will help you to get best from you.


Do you want your Movie , short films , advertisement or any other video product to sound even better? Then you are at the Right place. With large monitoring screen, you can easily sync and dub your videos with us. Large Screen inside the booth and HD display at the Console Room gives you  better vision of you video. 


Are you missing something in your video? Oops no sound effects? We give you the real sounds what you are looking for your video. For movies, short films, ads we provide

Sound Design with Original Sound effects from 1000 of sound library and recording session. We give life to your video.



Mixing and Mastering will make your song or audio into next level of listening experience. Not just record and finish your song. We will give your audio more brightness and depth in mixing and mastering by balancing your tracks, and adding world class plugins for eq, dynamics, compression and much more. 

We Conduct Classes For Audio Engineering and Voice Over Training at Studio for Those who are interested.

We entertain Upcoming Singers and Voice over Artists by giving them chance to explore in the industry. 

Please visit Studio or Email us Your Need For the Quotation. Let's Do It !!!! 
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